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Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force (FFETF)

FinCEN continues to engage heavily within the FFETF as co-chair of the Training and Information Sharing Committee and at the working group level. Based on our strong foundation of sharing information with our law enforcement partners, we are working diligently to support the efforts of our Federal, State, and local colleagues who are working hard to investigate and prosecute this criminal activity.

      - FinCEN Director James H. Freis, Jr. speaking to the ABA/ABA Money Laundering
        Enforcement Conference, October 2010.

What is the Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force?

President Obama established the Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force (FFETF) in November 2009 to hold accountable those who helped bring about the last financial crisis, and to prevent another crisis from happening. The task force is improving efforts across the government and with State and local partners to investigate and prosecute significant financial crimes, ensure just and effective punishment for those who perpetrate financial crimes, recover proceeds for victims, and address financial discrimination in the lending and financial markets. Read More

Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force:
First Year Report Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force 2010 (06/15/2011)

First Year Report Report Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force 2010 (06/15/2011) covers the contributions of the coalition including those of FinCEN. For example, FinCEN provided substantial financial intelligence and analysis to the law enforcement community including numerous securities fraud referrals used in dozens of ongoing hedge fund cases to the SEC. Read More

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