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Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) Advisory Key Terms

(Last updated May 28, 2014)

The following provides a consolidated listing of these SAR narrative key terms and a link to the related FinCEN advisory/other publication. This list will be updated as new advisories are published.

Funnel Account
Funnel Account 05/28/2014
Tax Refund Fraud
tax refund fraud 03/30/2012 and 02/26/2013
Third-Party Payment Processors (FIN-2012-A010) Payment Processor 10/22/2012
Mexican Currency Restriction (FIN-2010-A007) and
(FIN-2012-A006) and
MX Restriction (Mexico Currency Restriction) 6/21/2010, 7/18/2012, and 5/28/2014
Account Takeover Activity (FIN-2011-A016) account takeover fraud 12/19/2011
The U.S. Trustee Program's Civil Enforcement Activity Targets Bankruptcy-Related Mortgage Fraud and Mortgage Rescue Schemes (SAR Activity Review - October 2011) bankruptcy 10/12/2011
Commercial Real Estate Fraud (FIN-2011-A007) CREF (Commercial Real Estate Fraud) 3/30/2011
Elder Financial Exploitation
elder financial exploitation 2/22/2011
Informal Value Transfer Systems
and (Advisory: Issue 33)
IVTS (Informal Value Transfer System) 9/1/2010 and March 2003
HECM Loan Programs
HECM (Home Equity Conversion Mortgage)
FHA (Federal Housing Authority)
Trade-Based Money Laundering
BMPE (Black Market Peso Exchange)

TBML (Trade Based Money Laundering)
2/18/2010 and 5/28/2014
TARP-related Programs
SIGTARP (Special Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Relief Program) 10/14/2009
Loan Modification/Foreclosure Rescue Scams
foreclosure rescue scam 4/6/2009 and
Proceeds of Foreign Corruption
foreign corruption 4/17/2008

Questions or comments regarding the contents of this guide should be addressed to the FinCEN Regulatory Helpline at 800-949-2732.