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February 28, 2005
contact: (703) 905-3770

Financial Crimes Enforcement Network Releases Strategic Plan

The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network announced today the release of an interim adjustment to its Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years 2003 – 2008. This adjustment to the regular strategic planning cycle covers Fiscal Years 2006-2008 and reflects the organization’s growing role in detecting terrorist financing and a recent organizational realignment.

The Plan outlines four strategic goals, one management goal, and related objectives and strategies. The plan also discusses strategic challenges and how success will be measured. The goals are as follows:

• Strategic Goal 1: Protect the financial system through effective administration of the Bank Secrecy Act.

• Strategic Goal 2: Combat terrorism, money laundering, and other financial crime through analysis of Bank Secrecy Act data and other relevant information.

• Strategic Goal 3: Intensify international anti-money laundering collaboration through the global network of financial intelligence units.

• Strategic Goal 4: Facilitate regulatory compliance, data management, and information sharing through E-government.

• Management Goal: Develop a more nimble and responsive management structure.

“The work we do is critical not only to the safety of our financial system but to our country’s national security as well,” said William J. Fox, FinCEN’s Director. “The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network needs to be sophisticated, agile and creative in assessing and responding to the risks posed by criminals and terrorists. This Strategic Plan sets forth a blueprint on how we will marshal our assets to achieve this vital mission.”

The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network’s Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years 2006-2008 is available at