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United States Department of the Treasury
Financial Crimes Enforcement Network

Subject: Fraudulent Use of Canada Post Money Orders
Date: December 2003
Advisory: Issue 34

FinCEN Advisory

FinCEN is issuing the following Advisory concerning fraudulent use of Canada Post Money Orders.

Canada Post has provided the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) with information that its Money Orders are being counterfeited and sent to unsuspecting U.S. citizens in lieu of payment for services or products purchased through the Internet, or as part of the Nigerian and other fraudulent scams. As part of the scam, the U.S. victims are instructed to cash the fraudulent Canada Post Money Order, and then send or deliver all, or part of the proceeds from the Canada Post Money Order, to the scam artists.

Legitimate Canada Post Money Orders range in amounts $999.99 and less. All of the counterfeit Canada Post Money Orders, reported by Canada Post, range in amounts much larger than the $999.99 limitation, usually in the tens of thousands. The computer generated counterfeit money orders do not contain the beaver watermark on the top half of the money orders. The counterfeit money orders also contain fraudulent telephone numbers printed on the backside for verification purposes.

For further information regarding Canada Post Money Orders, please call Denis Robillard, Officer, Money Order Services, 2701 Riverside Drive, Suite E0025, Ottawa, ON K1A 0B1, telephone number (613) 734-9772. For verification purposes only please utilize telephone number 1-800-563-0444.

William J. Fox

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