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Comment Letters
Notice of Proposed Rulemaking for Imposition of Special Measure against VEF BANKA (VEF)
RIN 1506-AA82 31-CFR 103
1Steven Adam Rubin
Breschel & Rubin LLP
Dennis Foreman
Dudinsky & Associates
April 29, 2005
2Latvian News ReleaseApril 25, 2005
3Memorandum for the Record
Deborah Silberman
Assistant Director, Office of Regulatory
May 03, 2005
4Memorandum for the Record
Judith Starr
Chief Counsel
May 09, 2005
5Werner Odreitz
May 10, 2005
6SIA Tefabalt
May 10, 2005
7Michael Peter & Friederike Quadfasel
Carl Spaeter GmbH
Gesellschaft mit beschrnkter Haftung
May 11, 2005
8Sergei Mandrigin
SIA "Baltic Hallmake"
May 11, 2005
9Elbi Board of Directors
May 11, 2005
10Vladislava Stepanova
SIA "Kravu Serviss"
May 11, 2005
11J. Brook
Inversija SIA
May 12, 2005
12Robert Mendez
BancPartner Group
May 20, 2005
13Stanislav Zboril
EGRES a.s.
May 20, 2005
14Aleksejs Durandins
Chairman of the Supervisory Council
of the JSC "VEF Banka"
May 24, 2005
15Alan E. Sorcher
Securities Industry Association
May 25, 2005
16Viesturs Burkans
Head of Control Office
Republic of Latvia
Uldis Cerps
Chairman, Financial & Capital Markets Commission
Republic of Latvia
May 26, 2005
17Aleksejs Durandins
Chairman of the Supervisory Council
Of the JSC :VEF Banka:
May 26, 2005