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Comment Letters
Designation of Exempt Person form - Form 110: 31 CFR 103.22
69 FR 77316
1Edward Nocella
January 05, 2005
2Matthew Shaffer
The Bank of Delmarva
January 06, 2005
3John S. Burnett
Bankers On Line
January 07, 2005
4Samuel M. Lohman
Law Firm Lohman
January 11, 2005
5Joseph M. McRae
Internal Revenue Service
BSA Compliance
February 10, 2005
6Cutler Dawson
Navy Federal Credit Union
February 16, 2005
7Barbara Rosenberg
Enterprise Computing Center-Detroit
February 22, 2005
8Terry Jones
February 23, 2005
9Robert G. Rowe, III
Independent Community Bankers of America
February 25, 2005
10Charlotte M. Bahin
American Community Bankers
February 25, 2005
11Terese Pawlowski
February 25, 2005
12Daniel D. Soto
Bank of America
February 25, 2005
13Guy M. Hood
Florida FCUL League
March 02, 2005