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Comment Letters on Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
Due Diligence Anti-Money Laundering Programs for Certain Foreign Accounts
67 FR 37736
1Margarita Flor
FCI Financial Consultants, Inc.
May 31, 2002
2Robert M. Taylor, III
Day, Berry & Howard, LLP
June 03, 2002
3Gary Sutton
U.S. Treasury, meeting memorandum
June 13, 2002
4David Konfino
Florida International Bankers Association, Inc.
June 20, 2002
5Alfredo Quintero
Bancafe International
June 24, 2002
6Keith A.D. Harrison
Coutts (USA) International
Coutts Securities Inc.
June 26, 2002
7Fernando A. Capablanca
Banco de Credito e Inversiones
June 27, 2002
8Robert E. McKew
American Financial Services Association
June 28, 2002
9Neil Milner
Conference of State Bank Supervisors
June 28, 2002
10Ezra C. Levine
Non-Bank Funds Transmitters Group
June 28, 2002
11Michael J. Fleming
Equipment Leasing Association of America
June 28, 2002
12Michael E. Bleier
Mellon Financial Corporation
July 01, 2002
13Mio E. Cloud
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, Ltd.
July 01, 2002
14Joint Letter from:
ABA Securities Association
American Bankers Association
Bankers Association for Finance and Trade
Financial Services Roundtable
Futures Industry Associatio
July 01, 2002
15Stuart Lehr
Union Bank of California, N.A.
July 01, 2002
16Brad D. Hardy
Wells Fargo & Company
July 01, 2002
17Michael Bradfield
Arab Banking Corporation
July 01, 2002
18Lawrence R. Uhlick
Institute of International Bankers
July 01, 2002
19Urs P. Roth and Andreas Hubschmid
Swiss Bankers Association
July 01, 2002
20Thomas W. Sexton
National Futures Association
July 01, 2002
21Joshua L. Peirez
MasterCard International
July 01, 2002
22Charlotte M. Bahin
America's Community Bankers
July 01, 2002
23W. Hardy Callcott
Charles Schwab Corporation
July 01, 2002
24Joseph R. Crouse
MBNA America Bank, N.A.
July 01, 2002
25John G. Gaine
Managed Funds Association
July 01, 2002
26Gelene M. Stanton
Bank One Corporation
July 01, 2002
27James S. Keller
PNC Financial Services Group, Inc.
July 01, 2002
28Dennis K. Neilander
State of Nevada Gaming Control Board
July 01, 2002
29Gary L. Ryan
Hibernia Corporation
July 01, 2002
30Carl E. Spradlin, Jr.
Comerica Incorporated
July 01, 2002
31William B. Langley
Wachovia Corporation
July 02, 2002
32Willie J. Miller
ABN AMRO North America, Inc.
July 02, 2002
33Senators Charles E. Grassley, John Kerry and Carl LevinOctober 11, 2002