Cutting-Edge Opportunities

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As Treasury's lead operational agency responsible for establishing, overseeing and implementing policies to prevent and detect money laundering, FinCEN offers a number of exciting challenges and opportunities. As a member of the FinCEN team, you may explore new areas of financial crime, write a new rule implementing regulatory effectiveness, recommend new information technology, or build coalitions with one of our international counterparts. A few examples of the groundbreaking subjects:

Regulatory Efficiency and Effectiveness. In June 2007, Director Freis announced several regulatory reforms including a review of the regulatory framework with a focus on ensuring that requirements on covered financial industries are efficient in their application, yet remain extremely effective in their service to law enforcement investigators, FinCEN analysts, and regulatory examiners.

New Financial Crimes. FinCEN analysts may explore new areas in the fight against financial crime in numerous areas of our financial sector such as insurance, broker/dealers, money services businesses, precious metals/jewelry, casinos, securities and futures. Criminals continue to use technology to exploit any and all avenues in order to further perpetuate their activities. FinCEN provides intelligence and analytical support to federal, state, local and international law enforcement using state-of-the-art-technology.

International Focus. Criminals and terrorists do not respect the law; they certainly do not respect national borders. They will seek to exploit the weakest link to move and launder money through any means of financial intermediation. As a member of the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) of the United States, FinCEN analysts seek to discover illicit international financial activity, and build partnerships with over 100 other countries possessing similar FIUs.