BSA Data Leads to Discovery of Significant Bribery Scam

PDF Download : May2015_Case5.pdf


It was only with the help of BSA information that this investigation by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service unearthed a significant bribery scam involving several co-conspirators and millions of taxpayer dollars. This contracting fraud scheme began when a program officer solicited a bribe under the threat of discontinuing Government contracts. Through the 15-year scheme, thousands lost jobs and several million dollars was stolen from the U.S. Government. In 14 months alone, more than $281,000 in suspect funds was transferred into the suspect's account. The investigation was stalled for several years until a single BSA document was identified by investigators tied to suspicious activity of one of the subjects of the investigation. The defendants were convicted on bribery related charges, and joint restitution to the government amounted to almost $20 million. Without critical BSA data, this devastating scheme could have perpetuated for much longer, with even greater damage.

[Posted May 2015]