New Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) and New Currency Transaction Report (CTR) Now Available for E-Filing (3/29/2012)

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Immediate Release
Updated E-Filing Specifications Issued for SAR, CTR New DOEP E-Filing Specifications and DOEP Report also available

The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network's (FinCEN's) new SAR and CTR reports are now being accepted through the electronic filing (E-Filing) system. The BSA E-Filing System will continue to accept submissions of the legacy reports until March 31, 2013. Until then, financial institutions may choose to electronically file either the legacy or new reports, or any combination thereof. FinCEN today is issuing guidance intended to assist institutions filing the new reports.

In addition, FinCEN is issuing updates to the Electronic Filing Requirements For FinCEN's Currency Transaction Report (CTR) and the Electronic Filing Requirements For FinCEN's Suspicious Activity Report (SAR). FinCEN also has made the Designation of Exempt Person (DOEP) report available for E-Filing and is issuing Electronic Filing Requirements For FinCEN's Form 110, Designation of Exempt Person. All updates to these documents are described in the Revision History located at the beginning of each document.

These actions further FinCEN's continued transition away from paper filings to a more modern and efficient system for both the government and the industry. The FinCEN BSA E-Filing User Test System Web site has also been updated to allow for testing of all the reports now available for E-Filing.