Registration Renewal Deadline for Certain Money Services Businesses is December 31, 2007

Financial Crimes Enforcement Network
Department of the Treasury

Notice to Registered Money Services Businesses

If your business is registered as a money services business (MSB), and you have continued to operate as an MSB, you must renew your registration by December 31 every two years (after your initial registration period).

  • If you last renewed your registration in 2005 and you have continued to operate as an MSB, you must renew your registration again by December 31, 2007.

  • If you initially registered on any date in 2006 and you have continued to operate as an MSB, you must renew your registration by December 31, 2007. This is to renew at the end of your initial registration period.

As an aide in helping you determine when to renew your MSB registration, FinCEN has posted an "MSB Registration Renewal Calculator" on

To renew your MSB registration, you must complete a new FinCEN Form 107, Registration of Money Services Business, check Item 1b: Renewal on the form and mail it to the Internal Revenue Service - Enterprise Computing Center - Detroit (IRS-ECC-D), Attn: Money Services Business Registration, P.O. Box 33116, Detroit, MI 48232-0116.

In order for your business to appear on FinCEN's posted MSB Registration List

(1) You must report the appropriate Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) in Item 9 (Part II) of FinCEN Form 107. (See FIN-2006-R005 (12/21/06), Completion of TIN on FinCEN Form 107 for Inclusion on FinCEN's Posted MSB Registration List, at

(2) You must complete and mail to the IRS-ECC-D a new FinCEN Form 107 every time you renew your registration, checking box 1b: Renewal. Then, the IRS-ECC-D assigns your MSB registration renewal form a new, current Document Control Number (DCN), which permits FinCEN to include your MSB on the posted MSB Registration List as being currently registered.

Do not use a facsimile of your previously filed MSB registration form that you received from IRS-ECC-D or an MSB registration form with box 1c: Correction checked in order to renew your registration. If you do, IRS-ECC-D enters this filing under your old DCN, and your registration does not appear as a new renewal when FinCEN compiles the monthly list for posting of currently registered MSBs.

You may obtain copies of FinCEN Form 107 from our website: or learn more about the registration requirement by calling FinCEN's regulatory Helpline at 1-800-949-2732.

For questions concerning the status of your MSB registration filing or registration acknowledgement letter, please call the IRS-ECC-D Hotline at 1-800-800-2877, choose option 3.