Attorney General's Office Case Example (False Billing Scheme)

In early 2012, FinCEN conducted outreach to all of its state and local law enforcement partners, and asked for cases where FinCEN data played a useful role in their investigations. Below, in their own words, is an example of how FinCEN's stakeholders use FinCEN data. It has been edited only for confidentiality and privacy concerns. The following example is from an attorney general's office.

"The defendant was the former president of a technology firm. The defendant executed a false billing scheme involving multi-million dollar contracts with the state for drug testing. During negotiations with the defendant to settle a false claim suit, the defendant asserted that her assets had dissipated. FinCEN searches provided account and deposit information of accounts controlled by the defendant. This information was important in obtaining a settlement of almost $400,000 in restitution to the state."

Schemes and Scams