Bank Manager Steals Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars: Scam Even Targets Sister

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In a case initiated based on the filing of SARs, a bank manager pled guilty to a nine-year fraud scheme to steal over a quarter of a million dollars from accounts of customers, including the bank manager’s sister, identified by the bank manager as individuals or businesses that would not miss the money stolen. In order to buy marijuana, lottery tickets and designer clothing, the bank manager forged customers’ signatures on checks and took out loans in their names. The bank manager had loan documents and bank statements mailed to a post office box or to a home address.

The defendant was sentenced to two years in jail and three years of supervised release and was required to pay full restitution. The defendant has repaid a portion of the stolen money and the bank has reimbursed its customers.

(Investigating Agency: Internal Revenue Service -- Criminal Investigation Division.)

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