Local Municipality Case Example (Stolen Cars)

In early 2012, FinCEN conducted outreach to all of its state and local law enforcement partners, and asked for cases where FinCEN data played a useful role in their investigations. Below, in their own words, is an example of how FinCEN's stakeholders use FinCEN data. It has been edited only for confidentiality and privacy concerns.The following example is from a local municipality case. Local police and sheriff's agencies increasingly use FinCEN records in their investigations. Many local agencies have representatives on SAR review teams and task forces that share FinCEN data. In addition, FinCEN has given direct access to some local agencies with a robust financial crime focus that have a history of using the data.

"Members of the county police department had been conducting a joint investigation targeting a multi-spectrum stolen/carjacked vehicle exportation organization.

During the months of March and April, 2011, the police department conducted an investigation into the purchasing of stolen and carjacked vehicles from within the county that were being exported to Africa. During the investigation, several suspects were identified as key members of the operation. FinCEN queries were conducted, and this information was used to confirm and identify additional locations for the suspects operation. Due to this information, numerous search and seizure warrants were executed and stolen property was recovered, along with the arrests of three suspects.

The three suspects in this case were subsequently charged in U.S. district court where they have pleaded guilty and have received federal prison sentences."

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