Intelligence Research Specialist

The research specialist works in a variety of areas to support domestic and international law enforcement agencies in combating money laundering and other financial crimes. Case support assignments include researching and analyzing information drawn from a variety of databases and other sources—one of the largest repositories of information available to law enforcement in the country. The specialist links together these various pieces of information related to financial crime, and then prepares reports which are used by law enforcement to support investigations. Specialists also use FinCEN’s databases and sources to develop strategic analysis – the"big picture" issues associated with financial crime. They are responsible for collecting, analyzing and developing intelligence on the emerging trends, patterns and issues related to the proceeds of illicit activities. In addition, since investigations can cross international borders, assignments can involve working with countries around the world to share information and analysis related to financial investigations. In this area, specialists work closely with various global organizations to develop international anti-money laundering strategies, policies, and programs. Specialists may also research, analyze and evaluate information to support regulatory enforcement cases.